Our style is feminine, elegant and colourful, with a loose and whimsical signature look incorporating natural foliage you'd find growing in each event's location and fresh seasonal blooms. We source our flowers locally where we can so ensure you get the freshest produce that won't blow your budget. We also love working with and incorporating dried elements, and add final touches that add a unique feel to each piece. Every flower when combined will help to tell a visual story about who you are, and we believe in the power of flowers to share this. We put extra thought into the way we arrange flowers in order to achieve this and ensure that it is connected to mood and experience you have envisioned for your guests

Styling & Event design

To us, styling and event design is all about how the day looks and feels. Our job is to make your day look beautiful - the way you envision it - by working hand in hand with you to bring your personal style and unique love story to life. We work together from start to finish, making decisions on the colours of your flowers, the texture of your napkins, the fabric choices of your linen, whether your place cards should be hand written, and any other important details to ensure your wedding is unique to you. With extensive communication, we take the time to ensure we get a complete understanding of your aesthetic, so that we can implement your design the way that represents you best.

Planning & Coordination

We look at planning and coordination as the logistical side to your event - it's crucial to us that it runs flawlessly. We look at each detail, coordinate with others so you don't have to, keep a watchful eye on budge, ensure it looks the way it needs to based on your vision. We will guide you each step of the way and support you through each hurdle so you can enjoy the process, and not have to think about it on the big day.

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